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Online Brand Reputation Management Services

In the internet age, unfavourable and reputation damaging information can pop-up from just about anywhere. Therefore, brands need to be more proactive in addressing these issues the earliest and avoid any negative publicity that could be floating around the internet.

Online reputation services and software allow the advertisers to know where these afflictions are and rectify those before they can damage the brand's reputation.

Our Approach

At iMz, we ensure that there is absolute positive content for the searchers to find when they research for your brand or product or services. We understand the importance of having positive reviews since those are powerful motivators that can influence the customer's buying decision.

Our approach involves a thorough and a complete analysis on what your customers are talking, writing and exchanging information on social media networks and other digital platforms about your brand, product and services. Thereafter, we create a solid long term strategy which enables you as a brand to fill the gaps on any negative comments/publicity that you might have received in the past.

Why choose iMz?

  • Team of experienced enthusiasts, experts and leaders within the digital industry that strongly believe in delivering results
  • In-house team of analysts that crunch numbers and provide actionable insights
  • Deep understanding and experience working with B2B and B2C e-commerce sites
  • Integrated approach that is technology and analytics driven
  • We help companies scale their existing digital marketing campaigns by identifying areas of improvements and gaining cost efficiencies

Online Reputation Management Frequently Asked Questions

What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Online Reputation Management (ORM) refer to the task of monitoring and maintaining the interactions between your brand and the end-user. When your brand or business gains visibility online, people are going to talk about you. They will rate your services, review your products and evaluate their interaction with your brand. And, they are going to do this openly on the internet. It is in your best interest that you avail ORM services to make sure that talk about you and your brand in a positive light. Online Reputation Management services refers to all the online activities that are undertaken to manage your reputation online. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is much more difficult to execute in real-life

Why is Online Reputation Management important?

Firstly, because an ORM company will help you create a spick and span impression on your audience. Secondly, because there is a down-side to being transparent online, especially when you don’t know how to effectively deal with customer complaints, negative reviews and online criticism. Your online reputation service providers will assist you with that too! (We know what you are thinking, but hiding/deleting negative comments only makes it worse). Avail the best ORM services from the most professional agencies, so that you have an effective strategy in place. It will help you to:

  • Boost your SEO
  • Increase brand visibility
  • Create lasting customer relationships
  • Get more business leads
  • Increase sales

What are ORM services?

When you hire an Online Reputation Management agency, they will provide you with the services:

  • Negative search link removal
  • Online review monitoring
  • Tackling negative reviews
  • Google reviews, ratings & testimonials
  • Identifying prospective positive reviewers
  • Collecting and assembling positive reviews
  • Managing auto-suggests
  • Targeting spam negative reviewers
  • Liasioning with dissatisfied customers

What are some of the ORM best practices?

Here are the best practices followed by any reliable Online Reputation Management Company in India:

  • Step 1: Having an en effective ORM strategy in place with clear goals
  • Step 2: Closely monitoring mentions on social media, search engine listings and review websites
  • Step 3: Creating positive engagements and interactions with customers online
  • Step 4: Building positive associations through link-building campaigns, guest posts and collaborative partnerships
  • Step 5: Allocate budget for engaging content creation

What are the best strategies to manage Online Reputation Management?

As an Online Reputation Management agency, here are some of the latest strategies used by us:

Recommendations: Our ORM services include recommendations. As per statistics 78% of brands dedicatedly follow this strategy. It is also known as earned content. Online reviews, social shares, brand mentions and re-posting of content --- all fall under this category. It also includes favorable media coverage by reputed online publications.

Customer Response: This is an important aspect of ORM services. By adopting effective customer response strategies, we handle consumer grievances or criticisms. Sometimes, your brand may be deliberately attacked by competitors. The idea is not to panic or lash out. The trick here is to respond quickly but politely. Your online reputation will depend a great deal on how quickly and effectively your ORM agency tackle these responses.

Social Media: Social media is where brands and businesses interact directly. We enable you to be fairly active on social media. We help you to share your business insights, build credibility, and tell your audience the inside story. We actively answer queries and keep your audience updated. You let you be transparent but professional!

What are the benefits of ORM?

When you hire the best ORM Company in India, it adds to your benefits in countless ways. For example, it:

  • Develops credibility among customers
  • Abolishes negative publicity
  • Enhances your online presence
  • Improves search engine ranking
  • Supports transparency
  • Better consumer engagement

What are some of the ORM trends?

Here are some of the popular trends followed by the ORM companies:

  • Online reviews
  • Generating testimonials
  • Quality referrals from industry-specific review sites
  • The emergence of ORM tools
  • Social Listening
  • The pairing of SEO with ORM
  • Employees being treated as brand ambassadors

To know more about online reputation management or to avail our ORM services, get in touch with our experts today!